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I Love My Fitbit One

My Fitbit OneThrough shopping trips, walks, cleaning house, teaching middle school students, even while sleeping, it’s my secret partner, traveling with me everywhere.  It tracks my steps, the stairs I climb, the calories I burn, my activity level, and the distance I’ve walked.  It’s been an ally in my weight loss journey since June of this year, helping me lose almost 30 pounds.  It’s my Fitbit One and I love it.  Here’s why:

  1. While there are several Fitbit trackers available, I prefer the Fitbit One because it’s discreet.  I wear it clipped to my bra every single day.  It stays put no matter what I’m doing.  The only time I’m not wearing it is when I shower.
  2. The interactive apps on my iPhone and iPad show me real-time information on my activity level (steps, distance, stairs climbed), calories burned, sleep hours/quality, plus more.  You can even use the app to log other information, such as the amount of water consumed, your weight, etc.
    My Fitbit One

    **Click to Enlarge**

  3. The Fitbit One works with a weight loss app I adore and swear by – Lose It!  I began using Lose It! in 2009, successfully losing about 50 pounds.  Unfortunately, an unhealthy diet and busy work schedule caused me to gain about 30 of those pounds back.  I began using Lose It! again in June of this year, and as of this post, I’m only 10 pounds away from my goal weight (the weight I was in college)!  There’s no magic bullet for losing weight.  The ONLY thing that works for me is logging EVERYTHING I eat and keeping track of my activity level.  The Fitbit One and the apps keep me honest, providing a visual reminder (my log) of what I’ve eaten, what I can still eat, and how active I’ve been.  The Fitbit One records my activity level and adjusts my calories in the Lose It! app (shown as “Exercise” in the image below).  The Lose It! app communicates with the Fitbit app, showing the amount of calories I’ve eaten vs. the amount I’ve burned.
    My Fitbit One

    **Click to Enlarge**

  4. Register your Fitbit One with Walgreens and earn Bonus Rewards Points.  Yes, I’m earning money to spend at Walgreens just for recording my steps.  More steps = more points = more money!  SCORE!  CLICK HERE to read more about Walgreens’ Steps with Balance Rewards program.
    My Fitbit One

    **Click to Enlarge**

The Fitbit One retails for $99.  I purchased my black Fitbit One from Amazon when the price dropped to $80.81.  I’ve seen the price fall as low as $76 back in August. 

I love my little bosom buddy and don’t leave home without it.  ;)

Keurig K79 Coffee Maker w/64 K-Cups – $149.98 [QVC]

We purchased the Keurig K79 Platinum Plus Coffee Maker from QVC as their Today’s Special Value back in November, 2013 ($149.98).  One word describes it best:  AMAZING! 

My husband and I are serious K-cup addicts and we’d been using a lower-end brewer from another manufacturer.  We decided to upgrade to this unit and it truly is wonderful.  I’m excited it’s a TSV again [priced at $149.98], is available for four Easy Pay installments, oh, and did I mention the 64 K-cups you receive with this?  Yes, 64!!  The K-cup boxes retail for around $10-15 each, so this makes the deal even better.  You also receive a bonus filtration system and a refillable K-cup filter to use your own coffee grounds.  This would make a wonderful gift for that special coffee-lover in your life, including yourself!

Our Frugal Family Keurig

My Christmas present to me!! Love my Keurig.

BrainPOP – Free All Week!

BrainPOP is an educational website I use in my classroom often for the purpose of enriching the 8th grade science curriculum.  It contains excellent and easy to understand cartoons (featuring Tim and Moby) that the students are familiar with and enjoy.  The website has quizzes and hands-on activities as well, which help reinforce the content with my students.  This is a paid-for service; membership is typically $10 per month.  Luckily, I work in a school district that pays for this resource for its staff and students.

From now until November 5th, membership is free, though!  This is a great tool if you home school or if you need extra help with a subject in school.  CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Please note:  I only have experience with the science content.  I have not reviewed any of the other content areas.

Expiration Date: Monday, November 5th, 2012

HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast

Have you purchased a meal from The HoneyBaked Ham Company before and did you know they sell turkey?  I’ve driven by their store several times and as a busy working mom and wife, I cannot believe I’ve never thought to purchase a meal from them.  They’ve sold turkey breast for over 20 years and recently reformulated their turkey breast recipe.  Their new recipe turkey breast is:

  • 98% fat free,
  • 100% turkey breast meat,
  • slow roasted for that home-cooked flavor,
  • moist and tender,
  • available roasted or smoked,
  • sliced for convenient serving and is hand-finished with HoneyBaked’s signature sweet and crunchy glaze, and
  • regularly price $22.99.

Our family recently had the opportunity to try HoneyBaked’s new recipe turkey breast along with two amazing side dishes and a dessert.  We chose their smoked turkey breast, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cheesecake.  To be honest, when I picked up the meal I was a little skeptical.  It was in a box – a full meal in a box that needed reheating.  This isn’t how I’ve typically picked up dinner for my family before.  I was very pleasantly surprised, however.

I prepared my family’s meal by following the included instructions – heating the side dishes, setting out the turkey breast, and allowing the cheesecake to thaw.  The turkey breast had that wonderful, sweet honey-glazed flavor.  The green bean casserole, which was chosen by my husband and son, was actually pretty tasty, and I’m not a big fan of green beans.  The garlic mashed potatoes had a bacon/garlic flavor that my husband could not get enough of.  He commented that the potatoes reminded him of twice baked potatoes and asked that I figure out how to make my mashed potatoes like this.  And the cheesecake?  Incredible!  If you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal or an alternative to a home-cooked holiday meal, HoneyBaked’s new recipe turkey breast and sides are a fantastic alternative that is reasonably priced.

CLICK HERE to visit HoneyBaked’s website to find a store near you and reserve your meal.  With this wonderfully flavored turkey breast and so many side options to choose from, I know you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was. 

Be sure to CLICK HERE to print a coupon for $3 off your purchase.  :)

Back to Reality

After a fantastic holiday and a lot of overindulging on my favorite foods, it’s now time I go back to my diet.  I’ve been on many diets in the past (the Zone, South Beach, etc.) and I cannot seem to stick to them.  3 summers ago, I kept a food log on my laptop and lost about 25 pounds.  I decided last Sunday (exactly 1 week ago) to start food logging again.  The only problem:  I didn’t want to haul my laptop to work to keep track of my daily food intake – I wanted something portable.  Luckily, I found an awesome (and FREE) iPhone application that does everything I want!  It’s called Lose It!

When you first open the application, you enter your personal info (age, weight, height, goal weight, and how many pounds you want to lose per week).  It then tells you your daily calorie budget and approximately how long it will take you to reach your goal weight.  I log each of my meals and it keeps track of my calorie and nutrient intake (fat, sodium, carbs, etc.) for the day.  It also has a nice weekly overview of this info.  I can also enter my weight daily (if desired) and it graphs my progress.  I have lost 4.8 pounds since last Sunday.  Woo-Hoo!!  For me, this has been the only thing that works.  I can see how much I eat for breakfast, lunch, and my snacks and determine how much of my calorie budget I have left for dinner.  If needed, you can manually enter your food information in (the application will store it); however, it already has a lot of the brand name foods stored in the program.  It also has numerous restaurant foods saved in the database as well. Overall, this is an awesome app that I highly recommend!