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Walgreens – General Info

Walgreens Terminology:

RR = Register Reward

IVC = Walgreens instant value coupon found in their monthly coupon books and print ads.
You’ll find the monthly books in a rack where the weekly ads are placed (front of the store).

Walgreens uses a store loyalty card.  You’ll need this card to receive sales prices, to accumulate reward points, and to use their digital coupons.  You can register for a card in the store or online.


Walgreens Balance Rewards Points:

Below is a breakdown of the points and their values:

Walgreens PointsEarned points can be redeemed in store or online immediately once you reach a reward payout. 1,000 points is roughly $1 in savings, with higher savings possible as your point balance accumulates.   Below are some helpful tips:

  1. If you use your reward points to purchase an item that earns more reward points, you will not receive those points.  However, if you use your reward points to purchase an item that generates a register reward, you will receive the register reward.
  2. If there is a “Buy $$ worth of participating items receive X number of points” promotion, your total dollar amount spent for the points reward is calculated BEFORE any manufacturer coupons are deducted.  For example, if Walgreens is offering 5,000 points if you buy $20 in Tide, Dawn, and/or Pantene products, the total dollar amount of the products BEFORE coupons must be $20.  If you end up using $9 in manufacturer coupons (therefore bringing your total out of pocket to ~$11), you’ll still get the points.  :)
  3. You can earn points for using an activity tracker like a Fitbit.  CLICK HERE to read more!


Walgreens Register Rewards:

Walgreens also has catalinas (register tape) called register rewards (RR).  Shopping with register rewards or purchasing items that generate register rewards can be rather tricky, so if you’re new to their stores, I would start small.  Below are some helpful tips:

  1. Items that generate RR’s should be purchased in separate transactions to insure you receive a RR for each item you purchase.  For example, if Colgate toothpaste generates a $2 RR and you want to buy two, buy them in separate transactions so you’ll receive two $2 RR’s.  If you’re buying two DIFFERENT products that generate RR’s, it’s okay to buy them in the same transaction.  Both RR’s will print.
  2. If you purchase an item that generates a RR, be certain you do NOT use a RR from the same product.  Using the Colgate example above, if you buy another one in a separate transaction, do NOT use the first Colgate RR in this transaction or a new Colgate RR will not print.  You can, however, use a RR from a different product to buy the Colgate.
  3. The number of items you purchase must be equal to/greater than the total number of coupons you’re using.  RR’s are considered manufacturer coupons and count toward the coupon total.  $/2, $/3, B1G1, etc. manufacturer coupons will attach to all items they apply to, and therefore counts at two or more coupons.  Walgreens IVC’s do not count toward the coupon total.  In the Colgate example, if you buy one with nothing else in your transaction, you can only use one manufacturer (or RR) coupon.  If you buy the Colgate and a caramel, this would be two items in your transaction so you can use two manufacturer (or RR) coupons.
  4. Use fillers (cheap items) to increase the number of items in your transaction so the number of coupons and RR’s you use may be increased.  Examples of fillers include caramels located near the registers at most Walgreens locations (the price varies – I’ve seen them from 10 to 30 cents each).  I try not to buy the caramels since I know I’ll eat every last one of them!  I focus on anything that’s 10-50 cents, such as boxes of gelatin, cans of tomato paste, envelopes, tape, individual pencils, etc.
  5. I always give my coupons in a certain order.  It probably doesn’t matter, but I’ve done it for so long that it’s just a habit:  MANUFACTURER Q’s — IVC Q’s — RR’s.
  6. Check your RR’s regularly.  They expire two weeks after they print and there’s nothing worse than finding expired RR’s in your purse!  If there’s not a great sale for the week, I’ll use them to buy staples that our family needs.


Walgreens Coupon Policy – CLICK HERE